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Turn Off the Lights

Although there are many ways to curb household expenses, one of the areas that often gets the least consistent attention is the use of utilities and the associated costs. Often, it’s as easy as remembering to turn off the lights as you leave a room. But, there are many other ideas as well where the savings can be racked up if you work to develop consistent household habits. Some ideas will work for you and some may not. If you think about it, you’ll even find cost savings in unique ideas and habits of your own. Whatever you do, work to have everyone in your household on board so that costs don’t go any higher than necessary throughout the year.


Here are some habits that I’ve found most useful where I’ve also seen real and substantial cost cutting:

-Yes, first and foremost, turn off lights and ceiling fans when rooms or areas are not in use
-Wash all clothes in cold water
-Stop the dishwasher after the wash cycle and air dry the dishes
-Dry clothes only enough to get major wrinkles and dampness out of them, then hang them up
-Turn off the water while you brush your teeth
-Use insulated curtains and drapes to block out heat and cold
-Be sure doors to the outside close tightly to keep heat and air inside and add insulation around them if they don’t
-Buy energy efficient light bulbs
-Drop (or raise) the temperature by one or two degrees for even more savings


It’s obvious these are well known tactics and you may have your own to add to the list. Whatever you do, keep a list of these cost cutters handy and remind others in your household so there’s money left over for other needed or wanted expenses.

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