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The Grocery Store Dilemma

I recall a trip to the the grocery store where I noted a mother with two small children picking up a pint bottle of bleach with a price tag of $ 1.69 when right next to it was a gallon for $0.89! In my shock, I stayed with the family for a couple of aisles and noted similar choices.

We all have to determine our own values and resources when it comes to stocking the pantry. In particular, resources – time, energy and money – have to be seriously calculated so that food and supply costs don’t eat up the budget. Is it worth the time and gas to make a daily trip to the store to keep up with food and other household items? Or is it easier to go to the local big box and buy for longer periods of time for certain items? Or is there an in between scenario that might better work for you?

One thing is clear – when it comes to items like bleach, most consumers would do well to go ahead and take the larger, bulk item. Ask yourself these questions in each decision –

  • How long will the item will last, considering safety and freshness factors
  • What’s the frequency of use of various items
  • What amount of space you have at home to store it

At the least, talking yourself through these simple questions may, over time, set pretty solid practices for effective and efficient household shopping.

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