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Save on THIS in January

Every year, many experts publish articles and lists of items that go on sale throughout the year. We as consumers often purchase goods as we think we need or want them, and not always when it’s best for our pocketbooks. By doing some additional planning this year, we can all restock our shelves and get great prices at the same time.


In January, here’s a few of the items that may well save you big if you can afford to put out the funds to purchase them now. Remember, if you have to charge to get it, you’ll need to pay off the bill when it arrives next month to avoid paying interest and possibly more than the original price, which would make no sense at all!

Check your cupboards, discuss the needs and wants of your household members and stock up now:

Linens – right now, stores are changing seasons and years when it comes to designs and colors of linens such as towels, sheets and all things cloth that go in your bed and bath. If yours are looking shabby, if you plan to repaint or redecorate this year, shop now to update, refresh and replace these items.

Exercise equipment – think about it, you and everyone else in the world is determined to do better this year when it comes to being healthy and fit. And the first of the year is a great time for retailers to grab you while you are motivated. So they mark down that home exercise equipment, clothing and accessories right now. If you are serious, and only if you are serious and determined, make some reasonable and less expensive fitness purchases in January while prices are down.

Calendars – Shop now for the New Year calendar you need. They were big during the holiday season but many stores are selling them out now and want them off the shelves. You might get a great deal and be better prepared to be sure you know what day it is!

Holiday items – Decor, cards and even holiday specific food is now really, really on markdown. Grab it up quickly. Remember that stores are making space for the next big holiday coming down the pike.

TV’s and Monitors – Last, but not least, if you are in the market for a new or bigger television (there are some big TV events coming up soon), January may be the very best time of the year to grab up this item.

The point is, pay attention – pay attention to what’s happening in your household. Does it need to be updated, replaced or added? When the time is right, be sure the price is right too!

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Sharon is an award winning Accredited Financial Counselor, AFC® who has helped clients with budget counseling, debt repayment strategies, and financial education for over 35 years. Her passion is assisting people as they embark on life choices and transitions that involve their personal finances. Recently retired, Sharon is enjoying a successful transition to a slower and simpler pace, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, and the opportunity to try new kitchen creations.
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