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Do Your Money Behaviors Match Your Values?

When it comes to your money and other personal resources do your insides match your outsides? Strange question you say – what in the world does that mean?

Think of it this way, what is really important to you? Is it having time to spend with friends and family? Is it having the energy and time to remodel a room or even a very old, broken down house? Maybe it’s working toward excellent health, seeing new places, or something else that’s refreshingly unique to you.


Bottom line, whatever means the most to you reflects your personal values. If you’re ready to excavate your own deeply held values, here’s a simple “values clarification” exercise to help you.

Begin by broadly thinking about your resources in terms of time, energy, and money. Make a list with three columns; you can do this on a pad of paper, your phone or a computer, whichever you prefer.

  • Use the first column to list what’s most important to you with regard to how you spend your time.
  • In the second column, write down where you want to expend the most energy
  • Finally, use the third column to record how you want to use your money

Keep jotting down your thoughts in each column for a few days. Overtime, you may begin to see a pattern or some similarities across more than one area.

Now here’s the good news – none of the items you list are good or bad; they are yours alone and not for others to judge, these values are what makes us special and unique. Muster the courage to complete this exercise and continue to revisit it as you work to really follow your dreams.

This is what being sure your insides and outsides match is all about. Figuring out what’s important and then having the discernment, determination and discipline every day to focus the use of your incredible, very personal resources.

Now a bigger challenge – since you’ve been courageous enough to embark on this personal journey, share this simple exercise with the people you care about most. Ask them to begin working on their list and reinforce what you’ve learned about yourself by sharing your own insights. You can inspire them to connect deeper with their personal values and work together to assure each of you realize what they value most too.

Potentially life changing, this practice can provide a foundation to build respect, love and trust like never before.

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